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Hobby Labs site is dedicated to hobby electronics and old hobby computing technology from the 70's and early 80's. This site also tries to record something about the (hobby) computing history in Finland.

These are the very initial pages - all is still under initial work, come back later!

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Hope you get some spark to old technology or some missing piece of information from here, but do note that even if I try to keep things correct I don't guarantee the accuracy or correctness of anything published here, everything here is without any kind of guarantee/warranty, implied or express.


I may publish here material, that have copyright issues. I do try to get permission, but sometimes it's not that easy. As these are here for promoting history, quite old and commercially meaningless today, I believe no one should really mind. If you still see here something I should not publish or know the current copyright owner and how to contact, please do let me know, email address is in page footer.

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