I have always been interested in electronics and today could categorize myself as electronics and vintage computing enthusiast. I was born around the middle of the 60's and ten years later remember sometimes being late from school as I was struggling with some circuit problem in the morning.

I got my first contact to computers in the late 70's via Finnish computer Club 1800 User's Club meetings (never made to a member) and Finnish CDP1802 based computer Telmac. I didn't have much money those days (never had a Telmac), so I got most hands-on experience throught computers of my friends and hanging around computer shops dreaming for things like Telmac, Rockwell AIM-65, Commodore PET, TRS-80 and Commodore VIC-20 to remember a few. I especially remember spending time at computer shops like TopData Oy shop at Uudenmaankatu, Helsinki (an early Finnish computer dealer, that sadly went bankrupt in the 80's). My first own computer was Sinclair ZX81, then Spectrum, Yamaha MSX, Amiga. All those were sold later.

Today I earn my living as a computing specialist in a Finnish (sort of) wireless broadband company, but many times like to remember the early days of computing, when caches and pipelines didn't mess things up and play with old computers I have recently collected (maybe this means I'm getting old).

But back to the agenda - Intention is to collect here information about electronics and hobby computing, it's history, especially Finnish computing history and Finnish hobby computers (mainly means Telmacs and Nokia MikroMikko here). There is quite a lot of history in the net, but Finnish facts are not too often found. I do have quite limited time for this site, so things may appear slowly. I'll also collect some datasheets, schematics and other stuff. Things are presented here from my perspective, someone else might have a different view on how things were. Please correct me if you know better.

Any information you might have to add or correct on these topics or any comments are highly appreciated. You can reach me via email (address in all page footers).


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