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 1980: Oscom Nano

 Bigger flyer of NANO

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My Oscom Nano (original power connector missing, expansion connector added)


Telmac 1800 "Hobby computer" was designed 1977 and became a success. A bit later, 1980, the designer of Telmac (Osmo Kainulainen) made a new improved design he called OSCOM Nano (anyone knows how Telmac 2000 relates?). It was sold (by Oscom Oy) ready built and fixed a number of problems with Telmac 1800, but was targeted not only to hobby users but also to industrial use.

Price for Nano (at 1980) was 990mk (NMOS version with 4k RAM).

According to Nano brochure, over Telmac1800 it improved

  •  Uses PAL video (1864 video chip)

  •  More reliable tape recorder interface

  •  touch-type keyboard replaced with "professional" hex-keypad

  •  Nano could be built completely with CMOS logic (used only 15mA). The default used NMOS RAMs and (EP)ROM.


Nano has 4k RAM (8x2114), 512-byte monitor ROM, hex keypad, cassette recorder and TV interface (CDP1864, PAL version of 'Pixie' chip 1861). It also has a 64-pin extension connector.



By the way, latest MESS (http://www.mess.org/) now has Nano emulation!



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