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RoboClean I

A project to study basic robotics somewhere during 90's.

Intel 8031 based simple automatic vacuum cleaner. Uses a 12V car cleaner and a motorcycle lead-acid (not the best possible choice...) battery. This was built around gear motors ripped from an old floppy disk duplicator and has one of my first 8031 systems.

Lots of fun, but never really worked (not very good mechanics - too long chassis to turn well, not enough sensors, too much height, ...). Well it was never really designed, just built piece by piece over a sudden idea.

Also SW development stopped after a couple of days interest, when noticing the mechanical problems. There was only a few tens of lines of C-code to test the system, but it can still avoid larger objects (actually it always bumps one, but then backs off, makes a turn and tries again).

Maybe RoboClean makes a strike back some day and appears as advanced RoboClean II...

Last modified: May-09

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