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Most files are free software, released under GNU GPL. Possible exceptions are mentioned below.

These programs are distributed in the hope that they may be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even any implied warranty.

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(should also compile under windows)

rc/ASM .prg to binary converter, C-source. Wrote this for a simple ROM emulator use during RC1802 CPU board testing. It works for me at least, but is very basic. Takes also ROM start offset.  If the source has gaps in addresses, they are filled with 0xFF in the binary image. Negative pads (overlapping sections) are considered errors.

Included make in the source, so you can compile this with something like 'sh prgbin.c'.

rc/ASM is a small assembler for RCA CDP1802 (&others). See http://www.elf-emulation.com/

dis1802 0.1test2



(also compiles under windows)


dis1802 is yet-another simple disassembler for RCA CDP1802. It reads a binary image and produces assembly listing.

This version can not produce asm, that can be compiled back as is, since it don't mark labels. In the listing the jump labels are shown as the target address, like L_8034. If you run it in -n mode (no hex listing), all jump targets are lost. Maybe next version can do labels (2-pass).

I used this to dissassemble a file, then edited it by hand, modified some values and re-assembled. Took some work but not that much. The hex listing can easily be removed with a text editor supporting column mode selection.

See README in the tarball for more.

Very quickly tested, can easily contain bugs. Please report any!


MOS 6502

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Motorola 6800

Name / Link Version Platform Description

Zilog Z80/ Intel 8080,8085

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Intel MCS51

Name / Link Version Platform Description

Atmel AVR

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