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Current 8-bit computer collection list (in approximate order of purchase):

Oscom NANO

Sharp PC-1250

Nokia MikroMikko I

Sinclair Z88

Memotech MTX512



Sinclair Spectrum 48k

Sony HitBit MSX

Mattel Aquarius

Commodore VIC-20

Commodore 64

TRS-80 model I

Atari 600XL

Sinclair ZX-81

Apple ][ europlus

Apple IIc


I consider following a bit too modern, but they are still close enough to be listed:

Commodore Amiga 500

Sinclair QL

Atari 520STe



I'd still like to have at least a Telmac, TAM8085, TAM680x, ELF II or Super ELF, Commodore PET, Sinclair ZX80, Rockwell AIM-65, Commodore KIM-1. Altair8800 or IMSAI8080 would be nice, but they get quite rare and a bit expensive as well.


Last modified: May-09

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